Turas na Daibhche (Turrasnadiha) Cross

SMR: KE045-085002-
Type: Cross Inscribed
Townland: Inch West


INCH BEACH Description

Turrasnadiha Well/Tobar na Croise:
This well appears to have been filled in or diverted but the cross-slab KE045-085002- which stood over it is still in situ.
The stone is .55m high and bears a Greek cross on its SSE face. The arms of the cross terminate with slightly bulbous depressions.
A penannular circle surrounds the outer portion of each arm and with them forms a trifid motif.
Turas na Duimhche was carried out at the site, on St. John’s day, until at least 1960 (Ó Danachair, 71).
It included a visit to Bun an Turais, a spot on the sea-cliffs about 600m to SE, and may also have included a visit to Com an Bhráthar, part of the sea-cliff about 350m S of the well (An Seabhac 1939, 196-7).

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