Corr Áille (Currauly)


SMR: KE034-112006-
Type: Cross Inscribed
Townland: Corr ÁilleRound Hill



The early ecclesiastical site of Corr Áille (KE034-112003-) must have functioned in connection with the pilgrimage to Cnoc Bréanainn, although its path passes around the opposite side to the site’s original entrance.
Here, a stone wall or cashel encloses a beehive hut, a leacht (ancient stone platform), a broken cross-inscribed stone and a number of grave-markers that possibly commemorate unbaptised children.
Outside the wall there are two further ruined beehive huts, one with an underground passage known as a souterrain.

'A cross-slab stands on this possible leacht cuimhneMemorial Stone'
[a Leacht described by Cuppage (1986, 1986, 280-2, no. 832) as:
'a mound of stones which lies adjacent to, and may have been a similar feature' to the other leacht (KE034-112005-)].


The visible portion of the slab measures 2.48m in length but it is broken in two, the larger section standing erect in the mound of stones, the smaller fragment lying loose beside it. Its E face is inscribed with 2 crosses, one above the other. The present lower cross is equal-armed with bifurcated terminals which form rough semi-circles a short groove occurs 9cms below the lower arm.
The present upper section of the slab, including the smaller fragment, is inscribed with a Latin cross with similar bifurcated terminals, but that at the head develops into 2 large spiral motifs which occupy the spaces between the head and arms.
At present this latter cross stands on its head and it may be that the slab is not in its original position but has been re-erected upside down.

Site recorded by:

Emmy Van der Berg