An Riasc (Reask) D

SMR: KE042-060016-
Type: Cross Inscribed
Townland: An RiascThe Marsh

An Riasc (Reask) D


'This...stone was removed to Adare Manor, Co. Limerick, c. 1855 and until recently stood in the manor grounds. Through the kind offices of Lord and Lady Dunraven it has now been transferred back to Reask and re-erected on the site just south of stone A [REASK/1] would appear from the manuscripts of John Windele...[that the stone is] represented on the first edition of the O.S. 6 inch map for the area...[from] the 1830s'. Fanning/1981, 142--143:


'The stone was at Reask in September 1848 when Windele revisited Reask ... [In 1865] Quin stated that the stone, with others, was 'brought to Adare about ten years ago', that is around 1855 ... According to Petrie, the stone ... 'was found by Lord Dunraven, not in situ but lying in an open field in the neighbourhood' ... Fanning notes an OS Memorandum which substantiates this provenance ... In 1971, the stone was standing 'in a grove of trees in the manor grounds [at Adare] ... but by 1975 it had been returned to Reask'.
Okasha/Forsyth/2001, 179:
'The two sides are plain except for a substantial rectangular slot on the north face which bears signs of wear. The west and east faces are both carved with simialr linear Latin crosses whose arms and head extend to the edge of the stone. The grooving of the crosses is deeper and wider than that of the texts. The cross on the east face measures 41 cm by 13 cm and has a shaft which merges with the last letter of the text. There is a small dot in each angle of the cross and two others, one on either side of the top of the upper arm'.
'a simple Latin cross...which has a slightly expanded terminal...There is a small dot in each angle of the cross arms, traces of two others on the top of the stone and another in the centre of the letter O'.
Fanning/1981, 142--143:

Site recorded by:

Helene Brennan