An Ráth Dubh (Rathduff) I

SMR: KE045-025003-
Type: Ogham & Cross Inscribed
Townland: An Ráth Dubh Dark Fortress

An Rath Dubh (Rathduff) I

INCH BEACH Description

'The graveyard and site of the medieval parish church of Ballinvoher lie about a mile NE of Anascaul, on a gentle S facing slope at the west end of the low ridge that extends W from Flemingstown mountain.
The church was in use in 1622...but was demolished in the early 19th century and the rubble utilised in the construction of tombs... An earlier origin for the site is suggested by the presence within the graveyard of 2 ogham stones. There is, however, no trace of any earlier enclosure'. Cuppage et al/1986, 336:


A cross-carved ogham stone standing upright against the W end of a modern tomb near the E side of the graveyard (KE045-025001-). It is .94m high, .27m wide and .12m thick. The ogham inscription has suffered considerable damage and many of the scores have entirely or partially disappeared. It reads: S[I]D[A]N[I] M[A]Q[I] DALA.
One of two ogham stones (see also KE045-025004-) discovered in the graveyard and site of the medieval parish church of Ballinvoher, in the townland of Rathduff, near Annascaul, Co. Kerry.
The west face bears a cross in a circle with an extending shaft that forms part of another cross below and above the circle.

Site recorded by:

Kathleen Reen