Áth an Charbaill (Aghacarrible)

SMR: KE054-021--
Type: Rock Art
Townland: Áth an CharbaillFord of the Boulders ?

Aghacarrible Rock Art

DINGLE Monument

The decorative elements are in excellent condition and are primarily concentrated upon the lower portion of the rock face. They include four substantial cup-and-three-ring motifs (overall diam. 48cm; ring Wth 3-3.5cm; D 3cm; cup diam. 8 cm; D 12mm), three of which are incomplete, having a gap in the outer ring. Two partial cup-and-two-ring motifs, having a gap in the outer ring, are situated adjacent to the larger motifs.
Three cup-and-ring motifs, two of which have a gap in the ring, are also located in and around the larger motifs.
Approximately thirty-three cupmarks (diam. 5cm; D 3-5mm) are located across the decorated surface, again concentrated amongst the larger motifs. One of the partial cup-and-two ring motifs, one cup-and-ring motif and a cupmark have short radial grooves.
The above note was compiled by: Alison McQueen and Vera Rahilly, and is from the www.archaeology.ie website.


This large recumbent stone lies in a field close to a minor road. The upper face is covered with cup and circle engravings. This stone is located c. 300m W of the Glounshavanowen river on a N facing slope overlooking the valley of the Owenalondrig river.
A number of slab-lined graves have been recorded in the immediate vicinity to N and W (KE054-022---- and KE054-020----).
Enclosed within a small fenced area distinct from rest of field and accessed by a stile from trackway at ESE.
Good views of Glounshavanowen River valley NW-N-E. A smooth and fractured sandstone having an irregular decorated surface (dims. 3.50m NW-SE; 1.60m NE-SW) with an obvious SE-facing aspect.

Site recorded by:

Ted Creedon