Imleach Dhún Séann (Emlagh East)

SMR: KE053-040-----
Type: Ogham & Cross Inscribed
Townland: Imleach Dhún Séann Séadna's Border Fort ?

Imleach Dhún Séann

DINGLE Description

This ogham stone was the first to be recorded in this country. An account of it is included in a manuscript note by Edward Lhwyd dating to about 1702-7 (Brash 1879, 173). At that time the stone stood upright in a field near the strand at Trabeg.
By the early 19th century it lay on the adjacent shore, washed by the high tide (OSNB Dingle, 46). According to Macalister (1945, 172-3) it was removed to Chute Hall about 1849 but was soon returned. It now lies recumbent on a concrete base on the seashore near its original location. Though now unassociated with any other monument.

Site recorded by:

Kathleen Reen