Baile an tSagairt (Ballintaggart) Ogham Stone VIII

SMR: KE053-033009-
Type: Ogham Stone
Townland: Baile an tSagairtTownland of the priest


DINGLE Description

Ballintaggart church (KE053-033001-) (site of) and old burial ground (KE053-033002-) /An Cheallúnach or An Lisín:
This circular enclosure crowns the summit of a low, but prominent, hillock between Dingle Harbour and Trabeg.
Nine ogham stones have been collected from various locations (not precisely located) in the vicinity of the site and are now arranged in a circle within the enclosure. The inscription on this boulder, 1.03m long, reads: MAQI DECCEDA MAQI GLASICONAS.
The 3rd word can no longer be clearly traced but the reading is confirmed by Romilly Allen (1892, 260) and Macalister (1945, 154). (Cuppage 1986, no. 820, no. 6)

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