Baile Uí Bhaoithín (Ballywiheen) Church

SMR: KE042-103004-
Type: Cross Incsribed
Townland: Baile Uí BhaoithínTownland of the little hut[s]

Baile Uí Bhaoithín (Ballywiheen)

VENTRY Description

Ballywiheen Church/Teampall Bhaile Bhoithín: The remains of a simple rectangular church are situated in a graveyard near the foot of the E slopes of Croagh Marhin.
A sandstone slab measuring .85m in height, .22 to .36m in width and .1m in thickness.
A simple inscribed cross occupies the upper portion of both faces. The arms of one cross appear to have slightly expanded terminals but the stone is very weathered and these expansions could be the result of spalling.

Site recorded by:

Kathleen Reen