An Chill (Keel)

SMR: KE046-022002-
Type: Ogham
Townland: An ChillThe Church

An Chill (Keel)

KILLARNEY Description

This ogham stone (1.83m, converted from Macalister 1945) was 'found by Hitchcock in the inner chamber of a souterrain (KE046-022001-, in a large rath KE046-022----) in which it formed one of the roofing stones; afterwards moved to a site in front of the police barrack (now a farmhouse, see KE046-031----) on the townland of Keel' (Macalister 1945, 244, no. 250). Kilgarrylanders church, in ruins (KE046-021----), is close by to the NW. Macalister records the stone as 'Corkaboy' as the original location was previously in that townland. However, the townland boundary has since changed and it is now in the townland of Keel.


The inscription was read by Macalister as: CATTUVVIRR MAQI RITUVVECAS MUCOI ALLATO but by O’Kelly (1954, 108) as: CATTUVVIRR MAQI RITTAVVECAS MUCOI ALLATO..

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