Baile an tSagairt (Ballintaggart) Ogham Stone II

SMR: KE053-033013
Type: Ogham Stone
Townland: Baile an tSagairtTownland of the priest


DINGLE Description

The flattened upper surface of this boulder, 1.1m long, bears a plain Latin cross and a natural fissure continues the line of its shaft down the centre of the stone. The ogham inscription reads: N(E)TTA-LAMINACCA KO(I) MAQQI MUCOI DO(VINIAS). The 1st E is no longer traceable but there is sufficient space for the relevant notches. The final notch of the 2nd I is also gone but was noted in earlier accounts. Only the first 2 letters of the final word are clear but Macalister (1945, 156-7) claimed that, apart from the vowels IA, it could be entirely deciphered.


(Cuppage 1986, no. 820, no. 2)

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