Cloch na nGealt (Cloghnagalt)

SMR: KE036-058
Type: Bullaun stone
Townland: Cloch na nGealtLunatic's Stone



This bullaun stone is located about 30m W of the Glannagalt river and about 20m E of a ringfort (KE036-059----).
It consists of an irregularly-shaped block of sandstone with a roughly flat upper surface out of which a roughly circular depression has been carved.
The stone is .49m high, .89m wide and .74m thick and the depression measures .37m in diameter and .09m in depth.
Gleann na nGealt has been the traditional resort of lunatics since at least the 17th century (De Brún 1973, 197). They came to drink the water and eat the watercress at 2 wells in the valley (KE036-071---- and KE036-057—).
The bullaun is traditionally the repository for milk and food provided for the lunatics by the women of the valley (An Seabhac 1939, 283).
Two further depressìons, apparently natural, are said to be the handprints of those who drank from the bullaun.

Site recorded by:

Kathleen Reen