Gleann na nGealt (Glannagalt)

SMR: KE036-068
Type: Cross Slab
Townland: Gleann na nGealt Valley of the lunatic

Gleann na nGealt (Glannagalt)

INCH BEACH Description

When first recorded (An Seabhac 1939, 285), this cross-slab was incorporated into a bridge which spanned the Glannagalt stream near the head of the valley. It now lies loose on the ground about 20m to NE of its former location. It is a long rectangular-sectioned stone measuring 1.4m in length and .15 to .2m in width. At the centre of one face is a cross of arcs within a circle. At the intersection of the arcs, a roughly circular boss stands out in slight relief. Pendant from the circle is a short stem which divides in two to form a rounded triangle at the base.

Site recorded by:

Kathleen Reen