Baile na hUnta (Ballinahunt)

SMR: KE045-016
Type: Cross Incsribed Ogham Stone
Townland: Baile na hUnta Hunt's Town ?

Baile na hUnta (Ballinahunt)


This cross-inscribed ogham stone is now attached to the gable-end of a farmhouse 20m SE of its original location. It was found in a trench but local tradition states that it came from a holy well further up the mountain in Ballynahunt (Windele 1848).
It measures 1.52m in height, 0.42m in width, 0.13m in depth and has the out-line of a Latin cross with expanded base carved on one face and is composed of Grit. The inscription reads "Dugennggi Maqi Roddos" which is up-side-down in relation to the cross.
Part of the inscription is beneath ground level and many of the vowel notches are unclear.

Site recorded by:

Nora White.